Can I Switch Between Contacts and Glasses In One Day?

Wearing prescription glasses or contacts both have their downsides. Contacts can harm your eye health if worn improperly and glasses can be frustrating in the wrong situations. So, does it help to switch between the two in one day? Can you alternate between glasses and contacts

It’s perfectly fine to switch between contacts and eyeglasses in one day. Just make sure that you clean and store your contacts properly for when you put them back in. For daily contacts, just open a new package. This can be helpful whether you’re taking a nap or going swimming. Switching from glasses to contacts can be ideal if you’re going to be physically active, such as hiking or running, or dealing with bad weather.

Can I Switch Between Contacts and Glasses?

Yes, you can absolutely switch back and forth between contacts and glasses. And there are plenty of times that it would make perfect sense. Let’s say you have some extra time in your day and it’s the perfect opportunity to take a nap. You’ve also been wearing your contacts all day and know that you should never sleep in them.

The solution is simple in this case — just switch to your glasses when you wake up! Just make sure that you take out your contacts and properly clean and store them first. This will ensure that they don’t get any protein or bacteria buildup and leave you feeling like they’re stuck to your eyes. 

You can even put your contacts back in if they’re the weekly or monthly variety. Otherwise, just wear your glasses for the rest of the day until it’s time to put your contacts in again the following morning.

Make sure that you don’t reuse daily contact lenses. This type of contact lens is much thinner than extended wear varieties and not nearly as durable. On the plus side, these one-use-only contacts don’t require cleaning so you never have to worry about eye infections or buildup. In this case, just open a fresh pack the next morning. 

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When to Switch from Contacts to Glasses

Naps aren’t the only reason to switch out your contacts for glasses. You should also take them out whenever you go swimming or shower. This is because water can have bacteria that can get trapped in your lenses, possibly leading to an infection or other serious eye problems. 

This is especially true for swimming. Rivers, lakes, and oceans have more contaminants than the water from your shower, significantly increasing your risk of infection. Chlorine pools aren’t much better. The chemical may kill off a lot of bacteria in swimming pools, but it doesn’t get all of them. This is why you should always remove your contacts if you go swimming.

Showering with your contacts in isn’t that much safer. Sure, tap water is safe enough to drink and clean with, but it poses its own dangers. According to the CDC, an amoeba known as Acanthamoeba can live in tap water. It’s present in all types of water, but it has particularly high numbers in tap water and you want to prevent it from getting into your eyes.

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When to Switch from Glasses to Contacts

While you’ll likely switch from contacts to glasses to protect your eyes, you’ll probably switch from glasses to contacts to protect your frames. Additionally, simply being out on a hot day can make you feel like your glasses are going to slide off your face. 

There are a couple of reasons why you would want to switch your glasses out for contact lenses. This could be due to being physically active or wanting to avoid rain and condensation.

Being Physically Active

Have you ever tried to play sports, hike, or go to the gym while wearing your glasses? If you have then you know how much time you spend readjusting or pushing your glasses back up. That’s not to mention sweat running down your lenses and streaking them when you try to wipe them off.

Wearing your glasses while being physically active is more than an annoyance — it’s a danger to your frames and lenses. One false move can send them falling and being damaged or even ruined. In situations like these, it’s best to switch to contacts and protect your eyewear investment.

Rain and Condensation

Liquid at any stage of the water cycle can be frustrating if you wear glasses. Rain can dribble down your lenses, allowing you to just barely see. Your lenses can also get fogged up if you go from cold to warm environments quickly. This can be especially frustrating if you work a job where you have to go in and out of cold air all day.

You have a few options in these instances:

  1. Deal with it
  2. Go without glasses
  3. Switch to your contact lenses

We’d recommend going with option 3. This would allow you to protect your frames and avoid dealing with rain or condensation to help you see more clearly all day long.

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You can absolutely switch from contact lenses to glasses, or vice versa, in one day. The key is to make sure to clean your contacts and store them correctly before using them again. If you wear dailies then all you have to do is open up a new pair. Switching to your glasses is helpful if you want a quick nap or are going swimming. Switching from glasses to contacts can be ideal if you want to protect your frames while being active, or if there’s bad weather.

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